Star Rod
  • Star Rod

    The Kirby Star Rod! This is a human scaled Star Rod based off of the Kirby series. 
    The Star Rod features entirely cast resin parts that are polished to a very glossy sheen. The red detailing is high quality matte vinyl for a contrasting level of finish on the overall piece. The Star is glued to the handle with a very durable acrylic epoxyin addition to being reinforced with a steel bar. 
    The base of the Star Rod is also entirely resin cast. The clouds are cast in a semi-glossy white resin and airbrushed with sky blue detailing. The candy stars are cast in glossy clear resin with pearlescent powders.
    Resting on base:
    Length: 27.5cm
    Height: 11cm
    Depth: 11cm
    Star Rod:
    Length: 24cm
    Width: 11.5cm
    Depth: 3.5cm
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