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Kiril Hearn

Artisan & Fabricator

Specialized finishing artist and start-to-finish fabricator of high-fidelity scale models, replicas and promotional installations. Bringing 4+ years of leadership experience from a high-profile SFX studio, with a proven track record of innovating leading industry techniques for the intent of streamlining projects and meeting creative design requirements.

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Orlando, Florida

Work Experience

SFX Studio Supervisor

Volpin Props LLC

05/2017 - 10/2021

Promotional Projects & Installations for the largest names in gaming, featured on the highest level of e-sports stages & world-wide conferences

  • Manage in-house fabrication team & contractors while optimizing studio facilities to meet production deadlines for multiple projects of various scopes.

  • Support all stages of production for models, mock-up optimization with real-world application, fabrication, large-scale shipping and project staging efforts.

  • Develop innovative molding, casting, assembly and finishing techniques for unique creative specifications.

  • Streamline & troubleshoot production while mitigating material waste and maintaining quality control.

  • Provide high-fidelity finishing work with foresight to potential handling problems of interactive projects or high-traffic installations so that the quality finish lasts.

  • Project consistency for multi-year clients via process documentation of color formulas (paint & resin) and strategic design execution.

Lead Artist / Owner

Flux Tide Designs

03/2014 - Present

Self-employed personal work specializing in high-fidelity scale models, props & figures for client commission and shop customers

  • Start-to-finish solo production process from original conception, early design, 3D modeling, scale 3D print mock-up, fabrication optimization, final master, mold duplication and finished product.

  • Trend analysis & audience engagement via in-person regional conventions and social media to determine creative direction for new projects.

  • Collaborate with 2D & 3D artists to produce cross-brand product lines designs while meeting branding standards, character storytelling and creative intent.​

Notable Projects

Projects Kiril was heavily involved with or led at Volpin Props

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Artist Portfolio

For process videos and additional information on the making of his work, please visit Kiril's Instagram:

Crafted by Kiril

From 3D models to finished products, all items under Flux Tide Designs are made in-house in Kiril's home studio as a one-man team.

From Design to Implementation

The models are developed to support every stage of production - from optimizing molds so that the production process is streamlined, to ensuring the final product meets the creative intent from the original concept.

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Frieren Staff 4_edited

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Frieren Staff 5_edited

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