Scissor Seven Scissors 3D Models
  • Scissor Seven Scissors 3D Models


    These are the Scissors from Scissor Seven! Both sides of the scissors are the same file so you only need to print it twice. The scissors are held togther with a magnet that is 9mmx2mm. The 3D model has a small tolerance for the magnet which allows for glue. I would personally recommend using a 2 part epoxy to glue the magnet into place. A 9mmx2mm magnet might have a stronger pull compared to the strength of super glue.


    *NOTE: THIS IS A 3D MODEL DOWNLOAD. THIS IS NOT A PHYSICAL ITEM. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS FOR DIGITAL FILES. 3D files are intended for personal use only. Commercial use is prohibited (Files are not to be used for mass production through molding/casting etc.), reselling of files is also prohibited.

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