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Pokeball Replica

This is a full-scale hand sized Poke Ball cosplay prop. It is an entirely resin cast prop with moderate durability. All pieces of the Pokeballs are pre-tinted resin, because of this sometimes the colors may vary depending on the batch of resin mixed at the time. Colorations are extremely close in hue to one another. All Poke Balls made by me are fully finished pieces as shown in the image. To ensure that these Poke Balls will last, they DO NOT open and close with a hinge mechanism. They DO however have a removable lid so the Poke Ball functions as a small container. Hinges always wear out over time so I decided to put my focus into 100% accuracy and detail versus functionality of the lid with a hinge. It's the perfect accessory to go with any Pokemon cosplay or to just have as a really cool desk/shelf item! All Poke Balls will come with a FREE 3D printed stand.

For custom colored Pokeballs, please request what colors you want each part to be (top, middle ring, button, bottom). You can follow up with a direct email to with photo references if necessary. Note that I will color match to the best of my ability, but it may not be exactly perfect as these are handmade items.

Disclaimer: This is my artistic representation of the different Poke Balls. In no way am I affiliated with The Pokemon Company. This is not an official or licensed product. Dimensions: Height: 9 cm Width: 9 cm Depth: 9 cm

Pokeball Replica

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