Mini Master Ball
  • Mini Master Ball


    NOTE: Processing time on this item is on average 3-7 days depending on materials on hand. When ordering, this falls under the shipping category "Small Products"


    This is a miniature replica of a Pokeball! All of the pieces of this Pokeball are resin cast and unpainted. Each different color of the Pokeball is made from pre-dyed resin and come straight out of the mold glossy. The pink, purple and black resin on the Master Ball has pearlescent powder mixed into the resin which gives the colors more depth. The Mini Pokeballs come pre-assembled as finished pieces. These Pokeballs are glued together as a single piece and do not open. They are intended to be used as a nice display piece or for cosplay. 


    Mini Pokeball: 4.7cm Tall x 4.5cm Wide

    Stand: 0.9cm Tall x 3.5cm Wide