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Master Sword - Raw Resin Cast Kit

This is a raw resin cast kit for the Master Sword, based on Tears of the Kingdom. **THIS IS NOT A FINISHED PROP. THIS WILL REQUIRE SANDING, PRIMER, PAINT, AND GLUE TO BE A FINISHED PROP.**

The purpose of this kit is to provide you with all of the pieces 90% of the way ready to go. There are no 3D print lines you will have to sand, just the vent sprues from casting. I pre-cut most of the excess from the vent sprues before it arrives in your hands. The two holes in the main guard piece will need to be widened to fit the carbon fiber rods in the sword blade. The holes are already pre-aligned and about ¾" deep so widening and deepening the holes is a little bit easier. You will need to drill a hole into the handle and the guard section that can fit a steel rod. I recommend at least a ¼" steel rod of at least 4-6 inches in length be used for rigidity. The width of the leather wrap is approximately 9mm.

The handle/guard pieces are cast out of urethane resin (Smooth Cast 300) and tinted the blue. The sword blade is cast out of EpoxAcoat (epoxy based resin) and has 2 carbon fiber rods embedded into the blade through the entire length. This keeps the blade as dimensionally straight as possible for all of the castings.

Please note that I try to cast every piece to the best of my ability, although there might still be small micro bubbles that may need filling. Because of the nature of how the sword blade is cast, it might require more sanding to get it to be completely smooth. Sandable auto-body primer is recommended for this raw cast resin kit. The inside area of the triforce on the blade has been sanded and cleaned up as cleanly as possible before the molding process, so it is not necessary to do much sanding (if any at all) inside of that area.

Total sword length is approximately 44" and weighs approximately 1kg (2.2lbs).

Master Sword - Raw Resin Cast Kit

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