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Lon Lon Milk Candle (Breath of the Wild)
NOTE: Processing time on this item is on average 1-2 weeks depending on materials on hand (sometimes the bottles are backorder). When ordering, this falls under the shipping category "Small Products"

The quenchiest cow juice in all of Hyrule! Your one stop pick up for a quick heart replenish along with some quality visual in the palm of your hand. This prop has all you need between helping out a hero in combat to harnessing that rustic feel that brings you right back to Grandma's garden on Outset Island. All milk bottles are made of real glass, and filled with scented (soy) wax! Each Lon Lon Milk is a functional candle with oatmeal, milk, and honey scent. These Lon Lon Milks are perfect to go along with any Legend of Zelda cosplay! They have a decent weight to them and also make great display pieces. When you are ordering this item, it is for a single bottle of Lon Lon milk.

Dimensions:Height: 12 cm Width: 5.7 cm

Lon Lon Milk Candle (Breath of the Wild)

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