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Frieren Staff

Frieren's iconic staff from Frieren: Beyond Journey's End! Please read this entire description for some helpful information on Frieren Staff! Some of your questions may already be answered here.


Frieren's staff is modeled around a 1 inch outer diameter dowel rod. It is up to your choosing on what material you would like that to be (wooden dowel, PVC pipe, copper pipe, etc). The dowel rod is NOT included in this 3D model. The estimated length of the dowel rod is 48 inches, but this can be customized to your own height. The 3D model needs no resizing.


The crescent can be split and printed separately from the other pieces. Please view the images on this listing to see how they attach. The top spike and bottom end cap of the staff are straightfoward in how they attach. I recommend sanding all of the pieces individually before assembling them, it will make your life much easier! You will be able to sand the crescent, the crescent attachment, and the inner ring all as seperate pieces before final assembly and paint, hopefully speeding up your sanding process.

The inner ring has 3 openings for the connecting dowels to insert through.  The dowels should be flush with the inner ring wall like in the image above when it is assembled. If the dowel is sticking out slightly within the inner ring, it will collide with the Red Gem insert sitting flush on that surface. The dowels are included in the 3D model, but they are scaled to a 1/2 inch outer diameter dowel that is 65mm long. You could use a piece of aluminum rod in place of 3D printed dowels (this would be much stronger).

Frieren Staff

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