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Ditto! He's a resin cast little buddy that's just happy to be here. All dittos are cast in color, the only paint is what is on the eyes and mouth. Each ditto is carefully polished to very high gloss shine. He makes for the perfect little paper weight or desk companion! This is a non edible item. These Dittos now come with a strong Neodymium magnet embedded into the bottom! You can stick them to most metal surfaces! They also come with an adhesive backed metal plate. This allows you to stick Ditto to surfaces that are normally non magnetic. You can also use the metal plate under your shirt to turn them into little shoulder buddies!

Swirly Dittos are partially clear resin and partially translucent pearlescent resin; all have random swirling! Each one is unique in the way it swirls!


Height: 5.5cm

Depth: 3.5cm

Width: 6.5cm


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