Animal Crossing Star Wand
  • Animal Crossing Star Wand

    The price of the Star Wand is $45 plus shipping. NOTE: At checkout when selecting shipping, this item falls under "(Small Products)" If an improper shipping method is selected, your order may have to be cancelled and reprocessed with the correct shipping. This is a replica of the Star Wand from the Animal Crossing series! The Star Wand is made of several solid resin cast pieces that are pre-tinted to be their final colors. This means there is no paint that can get chipped or scratched off. The white detailing on the handle is adhesive vinyl. The Star Wand is a small miniature and not a full hand sized wand. The sizing of the Star Wand is similar in size to the Fossils, Leaves, and Star Fragments. The Star Fragment makes a great addition to any Animal Crossing fans' collectibles! For this run of Star Wands, they are all pre-made and ready to be shipped in as short as one day, but they usually ship the following week. Shipping times vary depending on location.This item is an artistic representation which combines my love for Nintendo and making cute replicas.  Dimensions: Length: 8cm Width: 4cm Height: 5cm
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