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Master Sword - 3D Printed Kit

This is a raw 3D printed Master Sword Kit. The pieces include everything for the blade, the guard, the handle, pommel, and the gold accessories. Steel pins will be included with the 3D printed kit to assemble the sword. The guard is printed in two flat halves that will need to be glued together. All of the pieces are printed in their corresponding color, so if you don't want to do any sanding, you can assemble it as is for a quick prop. The green wrap is meant to be made out of something like leather or thin EVA foam, this is NOT included with the 3D printed kit. The width of the gap for the handle wrap is 10mm. 


**NOTE** : This is a raw 3D print! This is a kit that you will have to glue together and sand/paint yourself, it is not a finished product. There are no refunds on 3D printed kits. 

Master Sword - 3D Printed Kit

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