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Hylian Shield

Breath of the Wild

The Hylian Shield is one of my best and biggest projects to date.

The Process

The Hylian Shield started out as a 3D model I made in Fusion 360. From there it was printed out in ABS plastic in multiple parts which was then glued and seamed together. The 3D print went through the process of sanding, primer, gap filling, and blending several times before it was ready to be molded. Overall, the sanding process alone was over 150 hours of work. Once the 3D Printed master copy was finished, it was clayed up for a Matrix Mold and poured as two halves with a seam line going down the outer edge. The mold itself used over 4 gallons of silicone! After the mold was finished, it was then cast into using a variety of epoxy resins and expanding foam. The small accessory pieces were cast out of a two part liquid resin separately. This allows for overall ease of painting.


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Important Lesson

This is where I learned that...

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