Cosplayer. Prop Maker. Creator.

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    Atlanta, GA

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    Shop Supervisor at Volpin Props

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    Who am I?

    My name is Kiril Hearn. I am a professional independent prop fabricator as well as shop supervisor for Volpin Props, which is an SFX studio that works closely with the Video Game & Movie industries. I started working at Volpin Props in 2017, which launched the start of my industry career. I moved from Texas to Georgia in order to be involved with the movie industry in 2015, and I have since been involved in multiple large projects for companies in both the movie and gaming industries.

    My personal work is under the name Flux Tide Designs, which is what most of my followers know me as. I'm only active on Instagram and Twitter in terms of social media platforms; these platforms are where I post news, updates, tutorials and more.

  • Personal Work

    What do I do?

    I use leading industry knowledge to produce my work, which speaks for itself in terms of quality and precision. While a lot of my work is inspired by or based off of established anime, video games or movies, a lot of the items I make and sell are uniquely designed with artistic licensing by me for fabrication purposes.

    I specialize in finishing work - including complex resin casting and HVLP painting. While I know how to 3D model, I occasionally hire a friend to make models for me; in such cases, I work closely with them to optimize fabrication processes and utilize our creative & technical strengths. I do not sell or provide my 3D models.

    My work is not simply "reproduction" work, and everything I produce is unique to me.

  • Professional Work

    Why work with me?

    I have been involved in conventions since 2012, and in that time I have gone as a regular attendee, panelist, vendor and guest. I have taken on commissions for individual clients as well as worked on major projects as part of the Volpin Props studio.

    If you are interested in my work or working with me, please contact me here:

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