Rikku Blades FFX-2
  • Rikku Blades FFX-2


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    Rikku's Thief Blades from FFX-2! Perfect to complete any Thief Rikku cosplay or as a display piece to hang on your wall! 


    These blades are made from cast resin (Smooth Cast 300) in 3 main parts; the main blade, the yellow/gold rings, and the small rivets. If you are buying a raw cast set, this makes it easy for you to be able to paint the parts separately and glue them together with minimal taping. Keep in mind raw casts are not perfect out of the mold and will need a small amount of sanding and possibly a little body filling to get them to be pristine before painting. 


    Each blade measures 20" in length overall.


    All raw cast kits and finished/painted blades come as a pair.