Koopa Shell Combo
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The Koopa Shells from Mario Kart! This is a miniature replica of the Koopa Shell from the Mario Kart series. This bundle deal allows you to purchase all 3 Koopa Shell colors for a discounted price. Please be aware of which bundle you select upon checking out so you receive the correct one! One bundle will be for a Winged Blue Koopa Shell while the other will be for the Spiked Blue Shell. All of the pieces are resin cast and pre-tinted their final colors. The Koopa Shell comes with a 3D printed stand for no additional cost. 
The wings on the Winged Blue Koopa shell are delicate so please take extra care when handling! 

This item is an artistic representation which combines my love for Nintendo and making cute replicas.
Dimensions:Height: 4.5 cm Width: 4.5 cm Depth: 6 cm

Koopa Shell Combo

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