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Hylian Shield Raw Kit (Breath of the Wild)
NOTE: Processing time on this item is on average 1-3 weeks for Raw Cast Kits before shipping. The listing is set to "Out of Stock" by default. Please contact me when you are ready to place an order so I can give an accurate wait time and shipping estimate. When ordering, this falls under the shipping category "Oversized Items"

The shield of the Champion! The Hylian Shield!This is a raw cast kit of the Hylian Shield from Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild. The shield is cast out of varying layers of Epoxy Resins and then back filled with expanding foam. This makes for a cast that is very rigid, yet very light.
All of the accessories for the shield are cast out of urethane resin; this allows you to mount the shield from the recessed rivet holes for painting! There are four small squares of MDF wood inside the back of the shield casting (where the handle and leather straps are mounted). This gives extra rigidity when screwing the handle and leather strap in place.
There is only one seam line on the shield which is on the edge, which means very little clean up on the kit before paint! All of the accessories for the shield will come flattened on the backside so everything is already the correct height/depth for assembly. You will need to supply your own leather strap for assembly (Width : 2.5 cm)
This is not a finished or painted item. This is a raw kit that will require light sanding, prep, and paint of your own design.
Specifications & Details:
Height x Width x Depth : 25" x 21" x 5"Weight : Approximately ~ 4 lb 3.5 oz (weight of shield without resin cast accessories)

Hylian Shield Raw Kit (Breath of the Wild)

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