Hylian Shield (Breath of the Wild) Fully Finished
  • Hylian Shield (Breath of the Wild) Fully Finished


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    The shield of the Champion! The Hylian Shield! This is a fully finished replica Hylian Shield from Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild. The shield is cast out of varying layers of Epoxy Resins and then back filled with expanding foam. This makes for a cast that is very rigid, yet very light. The shield is fully sanded and painted with Urethane and Chrome paints.

    All of the accessories for the shield are cast out of urethane resin. There are four small squares of MDF wood inside the back of the shield casting (where the handle and leather straps are mounted). This gives the shield extra rigidity when handling and wearing it for cosplay. The handle is removable if needed, it just requires a philips head screwdriver to remove a couple of wood screws.

    Specifications & Details:
    Height x Width x Depth : 25" x 21" x 5"

    Weight : Approximately ~ 4 lb - 5 lb (Shield weight varies for each casting)

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