Akali K/DA skin Accessories
  • Akali K/DA skin Accessories


    NOTE: Processing time on this item is on average 3-7 days depending on materials on hand. When ordering, this falls under the shipping category "Small Products"

    These are the geometric heart accessories for Akali's K/DA skin!

    Both pieces are solid resin so they are durable. There is one larger heart that is meant to be used as the belt buckle for Akali. The smaller of the two is meant to be used on the strap for her back pouch. Both pieces come out of the mold with the shiny metallic gold finish. There is no polishing necessary and the pieces are ready for use upon arrival! There will be another option for purchase which will be gray tinted resin pieces that will be more suitable for painting. This is so then if you are painting other pieces on your costume, you can having a matching gold paint for everything.

    All of the images show what the items look like straight out of the molds. This is what you will be receiving when you order this item. The last 2 images are the references used for creating these items, I tried to create them to be as accurate as possible!

    For attaching the belt buckle, it is recommended to super glue elastic to the back side so it can be slipped over any belt width.

    Dimensions:Larger: 7cm Length x 8cm Width x 3cm Depth
    Smaller: 5cm Length x 6cm Width x 2cm Depth