Aizawa Shouta Belt Pouches
  • Aizawa Shouta Belt Pouches


    NOTE: Processing time on this item is on average 3-7 days depending on materials on hand. When ordering, this falls under the shipping category "Small Products"


    These are Aizawa Shouta's belt pouches from My Hero Academia. They are 3D Printed in gray filament and come unfinished. Each pouch has a removable lid that is perfectly pressure fit onto the pouch. The pouches also have a belt loop integrated into the design which will fit a belt up to 1.5 in. The inside of the pouch is also hollow! They are big enough to fit business cards and small items! 

    Please note that this listing has the pouches available in quantities of 2, 4, or 6, so please be mindful of how many you are ordering for your cosplay! Also, because these are raw 3D prints they are prone to minor imperfections when printing. These are not fully finished or cleaned up pieces, but they are able to be sanded and painted if necessary!

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