Ahri K/DA skin Accessories
  • Ahri K/DA skin Accessories


    NOTE: Processing time on this item is on average 3-7 days depending on materials on hand. When ordering, this falls under the shipping category "Small Products"

    These are the geometric heart accessories and hair clip for Ahri's K/DA skin!


    All four pieces are solid resin so they are rigid and somewhat durable. All of the heart pieces are very thin which makes them more prone to being broken; please be careful when handling them. The large heart that is meant to be used for the earring for Ahri may need to be trimmed more to fit over your own cat ears. This can done with a sharp xacto knife or box cutter blade. The small heart that is to be used for the choker has a designated back side; it is the side that has the resin pour spouts cut off. You will need to provide your own hair clip to attach to the crescent piece. A hair clip can be easily attached with a small bit of hot glue.


    All of these pieces come out of the mold with the metallic gold finish. There is no need for any polishing, the pieces are ready to be used upon arrival! There is an an alternative option to purchase a gray tinted raw cast which is more ideal for painting yourself. This is so then if you have other pieces on your costume you are painting, you will have a matching gold color. You can still paint the metallic gold finish pieces with paint as well, but the finish on them simulates it already being painted.


    Hair Clip:  11cm Length x 3.5cm Width x 2cm Depth

    Earring Heart: 5cm Length x 6.5cm Width x 0.7cm Depth
    Choker/Breast piece: 3.5cm Length x 3.5cm Width x 0.5cm Depth