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Adventure Time

Demon Blood Sword

The Demon Blood Sword was one of my first projects where I finished up a 3D print with the intent of molding it. I printed the sword as a single half and molded that in order for me to seam up two halves of the sword as one. This was my first ever Brush-On Mold! I quickly learned two things; this was not the most efficient way to create a symmetric sword, and FDM 3D prints are never truly 100% symmetric. The sword pictured is the second and last Demon Blood Sword I cast out of this old mold. My original Demon Blood Sword before number 2 was stolen. Demon Blood Sword 2 is also my first ever HVLP painted prop! 

Adventure Time is one of my favorite shows of all time, and I eventually want to make some of his other swords.  Finn is a special cosplay for me because I've made a lot of my fondest memories while cosplaying this character. 

Finn Mertens

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